Eloise Diamant Tablecloth by Garnier Thiebaut

Inspired by satin ballgowns and precious Royal ornaments, the Eloise Diamant pattern will dress your table with elegance and finesse.
Jacquard. Made in France.
100% extra long staple Cotton for added sheen and finer pattern details.
Green Sweet Stain Resistant Treatment.


Our Thoughts

This product is woven with extra long staple cotton.
This premium quality cotton with long fibres results in a stronger, softer and more durable fabric.

Discover Garnier Thiebaut’s Green Sweet Stain Resistant Treatment.
This patented eco-friendly treatment protects your linens against spills and stains without altering the look or feel of the linens.
Enjoy the look and soft feel of cotton linens without worrying about stains.

Visit our Advice on Choosing and Caring for Table Linens in our Resources section for care instructions.

Additional information

Tablecloth Size

69X100, 69X120

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